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TRW has a proud heritage of 111 years in the automotive industry, where in its beginning it developed products for the fledging automotive industry. Today, TRW is a global leader in automotive safety, producing the largest number of active and passive safety technologies. It continues to be at the forefront in vehicle dynamics, driver assist systems, foundation brakes, and electronics and software advancements that enhances the safety, convenience and comfort of all vehicles.

TRW Brake Disc Pad Rotors


 TRW has the broadest portfolio of safety technologies of any other supplier, and produces advanced active systems in braking, steering & suspension, and sophisticated occupant safety systems, supplying more than 40 major vehicle manufacturers and 250 nameplates. TRW offers a wide range of applications for passenger cars and trucks, including disc and drum brake solutions that cover the full spectrum from cost optimisation to high performance brake solutions for small car to luxury vehicle segments.

TRW Brake Disc Rotor


 As the world leader in foundation brake systems and a pioneer in electronic braking, TRW continues to develop innovative systems that combine proven brake function with advanced functionality, to meet CO2 and fuel economy standards globally. As a result TRW offer smaller and lighter products; further drag reduction; and efficient solutions for all powertrains including hybrid and full electric vehicles.

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