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Forza Brakes


About Forza

Forza is one of the leading performance and racing brake pad manufacturers globally! Forza brake pads have been rigorously tested in competitive racing environments throughout the world!


Brake Pads

Forza Performance - FP3

Special Brake Pad Compound For The Dual Purpose Sports And Circuit Racing Vehicle.

FP3 - Forza FP3 Brake Pads are a specially formulated ceramic pad to still minimise brake dust and noise emissions while providing the fantastic brake control. The FP3 is the ideal choice for those who want to maintain great rotor and pad wear without compromising performance. The perfect pad for a performance daily driver or weekender that does regular track work! Upgrade for Endless MXRS/MX72, Project Mu HC+, Ferodo DS2500, PFC 97, Hawk HP+, Bendix SRT, Winmax W4 and Pagid RS4-2.

Forza Racing - FR6


Specifically Designed For Circuit Racing That Requires Superior Braking Control


FR6 - The Forza FR6 Brake Pads excel most at higher temperatures, specially made carbon fibre based pad for harsh motorsport conditions such as rally racing. A linear braking output can be experienced as more force is applied with excellent modulation, as well as increased brake control at higher speeds. Upgrade for Endless CC40/ME20, Winmax W6.5, Ferodo DS3000, Project Mu Club Racer and Hawk DTC30/DTC60/DTC70.